Cement. Pavement.

Ground pebbles and sand.

I shove my face up close

to notice textures and colors

not seen from my height.

I feel the surface scraping

ragged grooves into my flesh.

Rough. Rigid.

No pattern to the coarseness;

A barricade of hills

the ants must cross

to get to the grass on the other side.

A rainbow of colors;

brown, green, purple, and gray.

A glittering confetti of hues

forever bound by solidified sand.
Dirty. Dusty.

Do you ever tread this sidewalk, dear friend?

Where would you go,

would you walk alone?

Or perhaps,

with a companion or family?

Would you walk, trudge, or run?

I walk upon the sidewalk

to escape from where I once was.

I walk for some unknown destination.

The sidewalk is my causeway to neverwhere.

How far will it take me?





Steam rushes to greet

the mirror as I push

the shower curtain


so that I can wrap up in

my towel and begin what

was to be a normal


Escape the wet and escape

the scalding heat that

suffocates, wrapping


In my towel I feel

like a wet dog with limp, damp

hair as I move from bathroom to


Catcall. What was

that? I peek my pink

face around the


Mom sitting on the

couch with some strange

man I’ve never seen


So that’s the source of

the aforementioned

awkward catcall. I


He says, “Hello, Beautiful,”

as I stare blankly. Whatever, I

continue my scuttle to my


Mom motions me into the

living room and I resign, still in my

towel. She spoke, “This is your


I squirm in my seat and open

my mouth to give the only

response I know, “My dad is



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