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Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress

 Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress

By Kyra Davis

Publisher: Harlequin

Genre: action/adventure, contemporary, suspense/mystery

Length: 311 pages




A Disney themed wedding with peach taffeta bridesmaids dresses (ew!), a chase through the park, and snarky Murder She Wrote Jokes.

Sophie is overjoyed for her friend Maryanne when she announces her engagement, and she’s excited for the fun to begin. But then Dena, Sophie’s best friend and fellow bridesmaid, is mysteriously shot moments after the announcement. Leave it to the pros to handle things? Yeah, fat chance. Dena may never walk again, and Sophie vows a vendetta to marry her fist with the shooter’s face.

Dena is no saint (just ask the anti-porno crusaders who picket her store regularly), but she’s strong, smart, and loyal. The problem with finding Dena’s shooter is that the suspect list is off the charts, from stricken ex lovers to women with a penchant for conniving. Between trying to finger the shooter and getting plans together for the wedding, Sophie can barely think straight, but if she can keep her cool (and not trip over any taffeta), she may just get what she’s looking for.

Kyra Davis’s characters are chuckle-out-loud comical. They’re over the top depictions of stereotypical types of women – tall, strong, dominatrix Dena; unbelievably bimboish Maryanne; quick thinking, uncontrolled and unpredictable Sophie. The characters are intriguing enough to keep one reading despite the flaws of the book. The shortcomings fall onto the author for not developing the plot enough, which seems predictable at best. This is a good book to read if you’re looking for something light, fun and intriguing (the characters, not the plot). I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but it’s no brain-teaser.