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what is power?

This post may be somewhat offensive, I’m warning you now. For reference, when I say me, or I, or you, or we, I’m talking about you universally, not just YOU.


I’ve come to the conclusion that people are fucking retarded. No, not I-Am-Sam retarded. I’m talking about the stupid misconceptions we carry of ourselves. We are all walking, talking, breathing oxymorons. We believe ourselves to be the most superior beings on the planet.

Okay. So, why are we the best? Because of our cognitive capabilities? Because those capabilities allow us to rule the world? Because we assume we’re the best, doesn’t that mean that we must also assume we are the best because we have such capabilities to thrive on individual levels, as well as a species as a whole? Yeah, we changed the world to suit our needs. We built cities, industries, economies. We rose to the proverbial heavens. We built it all and now we say “look at what we’ve built!” Then what do we do? we fight over it. We ruin each other to get the the top floor of the skyscrapers we build simply because we believe that we’re the best and we deserve to be the Big Wig.

We placate ourselves with false power.

You know I’m right.

What about those of us who don’t make it to the tippy-top? We settle. We give up our dreams of Ultimate Power and settle for what we think is something less. Hahaha. See the irony?

These people (let’s call them the Settlers) are inconsistent. If we believe we’re superior as a race, shouldn’t that hold true on a personal level, as an individual? Shouldn’t our own rules and ideas apply to ourselves? Following from that, one would assume it’s not okay to settle for a job one hates, working under The Man, complaining about one’s cubicle. But we do it. We complain because we value the aforementioned Ultimate Power and we don’t have it, so we don’t reap its benefits. We feel we’re lacking.

We’ve gotten completely carried away with this unnatural, false power we’ve given ourselves. It’s changed our values.

Yeah, I said it.

Your values are fucked up, man. Change what you value in life to suit what REALLY makes you happy, to suit yourself (not the Big Wig), and you’ll find some serious happiness.

I know what you’re gonna say. You’ll say you do your job (trudging your way to your cubicle every day and hating yourself for it) simply because it brings the income. There’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is that you don’t see that the money you work so hard for is a tool, not an end in itself. The money buys the necessities and then some, right? You spend money on things that make you happy, be it a video game, a book, or a dinner with your family. Be happy with that. Be happy with what you DO get from your life, start appreciating the things you’ve been overlooking while you’ve been throwing your whoa-is-me pity party over the fact that you have Settled for a job that doesn’t give you the Ultimate Power (Ultimate Power being a make believe value that you don’t need to abide, anyways). Just because our species has thus far assumed that the most highly valuable asset one must possess is this Godlike status doesn’t mean it has to apply to you, or me. We can be happy with a greater love of a different kind, we just assume that it is never enough because our culture has taught us so. That’s not okay.


The point I’m trying to make is that I know that each of us values good things in our daily lives, like family, joy, knowledge, etc… but on a meta scale, as an American culture, or maybe even worldwide, people have come to value economics and power, things that do not coincide with what makes us happy on a personal level.. sometimes they even stand in the way of what we value on a personal level. I don’t know. Food for thought.

If you found this post offensive, I apologize, I understand why you might. If you didn’t, then kudos to you, I know this can be hard stuff to hear.