What would I say?

Looking back on my life, I do not regret much because the choices I’ve made so far have led to the present, which I am happy with. But there are points in our lives where we all should reflect on our past and the choices we’ve made. If I could rewind the clock and tell myself at various points in my life what my choice in that moment would mean for the future,

I’d tell myself at ages 8-10 that though my parents are divorcing, it’s got nothing to do with me. I’d tell myself to pay closer attention to Ashley.

I’d tell myself at 14 that I’m too young to start crying over boys.

I’d tell myself at 16 that it’s okay to not know who you are yet, that’s what these years are for.

I’d tell myself at 17 not to argue with my mother so fiercely that we spent a year not speaking. I’d tell myself that a best friend is just a friend for a reason, because dating him will be the end of everything between us, that he will change and I will not like who he becomes.

I’d tell myself at 18 to not be so afraid of making a mistake that I become immobile in life decisions and to just GO TO SCHOOL (I’d be graduated by now, instead of on my junior year). I’d tell myself that I don’t have to settle for subpar.

I’d tell myself at 21 to go see a psychologist to deal with my feelings and fears, before I make a huge mistake and hurt someone.

I’m 23 now, and if I could clone myself and listen to myself, I would say

You’ve done well, you’re almost at that next stage of your life. You’re on the precipice, so don’t, please don’t, give up. You’re so close.


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I'm a full time student and part time worker who has learned that writing is a means of keeping sanity in today's rat race. I'm here to share my two cents (or fifty) and see who bites back :) I'm sure you'll discover other interesting tidbits about me through reading my blog. View all posts by brainreader

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