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I want to ride my bicycle!

Today I went for a ride on my bicycle around lakes Calhoun and Harriet. ┬áNeedless to say, I had to peddle like I was being chased by a zombie to keep from getting plowed over by all the other biker pros. While biking, my friend and I had a chance to do some chit-chatting. He brought up the fact that his coworkers ask him how he can bike like a fiend on a regular basis and eat McDonald’s pretty regularly. Like it’s taboo that someone could be both healthy and unhealthy.

I realized he has a point: there’s a stereotype that people have about being healthy. We assume that to be healthy, one must go balls-to-the-wall; be active every single day, eat an assload of fruits and veggies, no soda, no junk food, shop at Whole Foods, don’t ever spend a day sharing a bloodline with your couch.

Why the stereotype? I mean, kudos to those who can and want to be completely healthy all the time. It’s a feat in today’s world. But to be healthy or unhealthy shouldn’t have be black or white, maybe some of us like shades of gray. Jussayin’. Some days I feel like getting on a bicycle and sweating my ass off, other days I’m completely content to stay in bed and read a good book, munching on licorice.

Today, I biked. Maybe tomorrow I’ll read another good book. I got a B&N gift card for my Nook and I’m dyin’ to find something to spend it on.