like a pill

The human body is a remarkable thing. Things have been very rocky for me lately. My emotional plate is filled with colorful morsels of food, some sweet and some bitter. Mostly bitter. I’ve been dealing with a lot of change and seeing a therapist to help me along my merry dysfunctional way. The therapy helps, but there are times when I feel overwhelmed. The (not so) weird thing (when you think about it) is that my physical self is full tilt with my emotional self.

Over the last month or so, I’ve made myself physically sick because of my emotional tumult. I’ve gotten strep throat twice, received medication (both times) and now I’ve gotten sick again, this time with something like a flu. My whole body aches and there is no relief, my throat is sore, I’m congested yet runny (riddle me that!), I’m weak beyond belief – I can’t even go up a flight of stairs without getting white vision, I can feel my blood pulsing in my fingers and toes and my head, I have shooting pains in my head, and I’ve got a nasty fever that I can’t shake. I’ve dosed myself with fever reducers, ibuprofen, and vitamins, with no noticeable relief.

There has to be an end in sight! This can’t go on forever.


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